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Re: Authors and/or Developers tags in .spec file?

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Mon 08 Nov 2010 - 16:52:29 CET
Message-id: <8072148E-38E1-4E16-8308-C05C3F71CDC6@mac.com>

On Nov 8, 2010, at 9:31 AM, Joe Flowers wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> I notice in the Software Management tool in Yast on SUSE (SLES) that
> there is spot for "Authors" that is blank and I wanted to fill it out.
> But, apparently there is no "Authors" tag that I can put in the .spec file.

IIRC, the "Authors" info is derived from conventionally formatted
text in %description ... run rpm -qp --xml against some package
and see if that's what Yast and SuSE are doing.

> I have seen in SUSE SLED or OpenSUSE on the gimp package (for example)
> that there is an Authors spot in Software Management that says
> "Packaged by" and "Developed by" and gives a list for each, packagers
> and developers.

There are tags for Packager: and Vendor: that were intended for
what you want. The tags have hardly been used because it's
a huge pain to fill in those details per-recipe in automated
build farm's.

> Any ideas how I should accomplish this in my .spec file?

There's also a means to use macros to set packager/vendor,
so don't try in the *.spec if interested in seeing YOUR name
in all YOUR software. Its easier to configure the build system
than the *.spec as soon as you have more than one package,
or one release, of whatever software you want to add yourself.

It also would not be too complicated to attach external data
in a file to each package in an automated build system if that
is your goal. Again through macro configuration, not in-line
in the *.spec recipe is the better approach imho.

I can dig out details for any version of rpm whenever. Just
I have the opposite problem -- more than 1 message/minute of SPAM --
because my e-mail address was in a lot of packages. SO think
carefully about what you _REALLY_ want to do ...


73 de Jeff
Received on Mon Nov 8 16:53:08 2010
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