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Is there spec file syntax to make (rpm -e) ignore errors and continue uninstall?

From: Joe Flowers <joe.flowers@nofreewill.com>
Date: Thu 11 Nov 2010 - 17:47:06 CET
Message-ID: <4CDC1E0A.3060600@nofreewill.com>
Hello Everyone,

I have created a spec file and an RPM file from it but I bungled a 
command which uncovered an interesting problem.

In the %preun section of the spec file, I mistakenly put


instead of

/etc/ini.d/mydaemon stop

When I went to uninstall the RPM, like

rpm -e mydaemon-1.00-1

It failed on the bad (/etc/ini.d/mydaemon/stop) line and would not 
complete the uninstall.

So, I'm wondering if there is something that I can add to the bad
/etc/ini.d/mydaemon/stop line in my spec file that will allow "rpm -e 
..." to complete the uninstall.

Analogously, I know that you can add a "-" in front of commands in a 
Makefile so that make will not fatally exit. I'm looking for the same 
functionality in the spec file.


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