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Re: Wondering status of rpm5 in Mandriva?

From: Dwight Paige <dwightpaige79@gmail.com>
Date: Sat 18 Dec 2010 - 00:53:23 CET
Message-ID: <4D0BF7F3.7040001@gmail.com>
On 12/17/2010 11:53 AM, Per Řyvind Karlsen wrote:
> Ahrf, buildsystem issues and the #"¤"# 'abrt' package and it's related
> issues has been fscking up things over and over for every attempt at
> pushing things through.
> I'm just gonna remove the librpm<= 5.3 conflicts for now to avoid the
> issue on buildsystem for now to work past it, my patience is starting
> to run low..
> meanwhile I've posted the perl-URPM-4.3 src.rpm at
> http://kenobi.mandriva.com/~peroyvind/perl-URPM-4.3-1.src.rpm for
> people to rebuild themself to avoid having to await this extremely
> annoying situation to be resolved...
> --
> Regards,
> Per Řyvind
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Thanks. And sorry you're having such issues. I kinda thought something 
like that was going on. I'll try tomorrow and see if I know enough 
[maybe] to build it for myself.

Happy Holidays,
Dwight Paige
Received on Sat Dec 18 00:53:48 2010
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