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Re: What am I doing wrong ?

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Sun 02 Jan 2011 - 20:55:01 CET
Message-id: <43AFB064-6778-419F-B703-461AA64E63D0@mac.com>

On Jan 2, 2011, at 2:12 PM, Sriram Narayanan wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 12:22 AM, Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com> wrote:
> <snip/>
>> What I recommend instead of disabling or changing default behavior is to
>> configure orphan directory/linkto paths instead:
>>        mkdir -p /etc/rpm/sysinfo
>>        echo "/usr/local/bin" >> /etc/rpm/sysinfo/Dirnames
>> This is what I do; the drudgery isn't _THAT_ painful imho, ymmv.
> Thanks, this helped.
> I was just wondering, wouldn't we need to do this for every forseeable
> folder structure then ?

Depends on your packaging policy.

The goal(s) with parentdir/linkto dependencies are:

    1) stricter/mandatory packaging rules. E.g. even though
	rpm WILL create every component in the path in order
	to install a file, the "orphandirs" will not be removed
	by rpm --erase. There's other issues with metadata like
	mode/owner/group (and SELinux tags) with "orphandirs"
	because RPM has to guess what is intended for those values.

    2) using parentidr dependencies to supply additional ordering hints
	Ordering packages is based on a "partial order" from the
	dependency assertions. So the ordering is as good/bad/ugly
	as the package metadata is (which is pretty bad/ugly in many cases).
	By using parentdir depdnencies, additional (and quite reliable
	in the case of parentdir dependencies) relations reduce
	"partial ordering" indedeterminancy, thereby increasing
	install/upgrade/erase ordering reliability.

But while parentdir dependencies are being phased in, there are additional
topological sort relations being introduced, that leads to MORE frustration
dealing with package dependency LOOP's etc etc. Can't be helped imho, I'm
quite sure that parentdir dependencies are more reliable than the random
bad/ugly dependencies being added that are creating dependency LOOP's
all over the place.

It's mathematically impossible to order with LOOP's. Yes LOOP's can be removed
by conventional rule's: that's a different issue (imho) than whether additional relations
using parentdir dependencies create Yet More LOOP's.

> Assume that some package needs /var/local/lib and we don't have it in
> /etc/rpm/sysinfo/Dirnames. What is the recommended way of dealing with
> such a situation ?

Usually there's a filesystem package carrying a directory skeleton.

Hint: What is annoying is the .../LC_MESSAGES directories from other packages
that create new parentdir dependencies. Easily 50% of the issues with
parentdir dependencies are from parents of new locales with LC_MESSAGES.

One solution used in RHEL6 (which I don't recommend because there's gazillions
of directories in the package) is to add ever possible locale directory.
But "works" w/o question. I'd suggest a separate filesystem-i18n package
instead because filesystem has _THE_ directory structure for a distro,
and the separate filesystem-i18n package is easier to maintain and distribute.

>> There is also (as you proceed, you likely don't have many
>> packages installed) this POPT alias to list all missing parentdirs
>>        mkdir -p /etc/rpm/sysinfo
>>        rpm -Va --nofiles --orphandirs | sort -u >> /etc/rpm/sysinfo/Dirnames
> I'm getting the output of the "set" command when I run
> rpm -Va --nofiles --orphandirs
> What's happening here ?

Just I cannot remember/type all possible RPM options any more, sigh.

All that the --orphandirs POPT alias does is this (from memory)
	rpm -Va --nofiles | grep '^/'
See /usr/lib/rpm/rpmpopt for the ctual POPT alias.


73 de Jeff
Received on Sun Jan 2 20:55:38 2011
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