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Announcing the release of rpm-5.3.9-0.20110401.src.rpm

From: Matthew Dawkins <mattydaw@gmail.com>
Date: Sat 02 Apr 2011 - 18:31:03 CEST
Message-ID: <BANLkTimbkzX-kQ06fbyXjq5q4Zah5yR28Q@mail.gmail.com>
Announcing the release of rpm-5.3.9-0.20110401.src.rpm

Like the title says, you can find the latest snapshot release of the rpm 5.3
branch here:

Also rpm-5.3.10 has been tagged and the next snapshot release at the
beginning of May will be the first 5.3.10 release. Tick tock.
Changelog http://rpm5.org/cvs/fileview?f=rpm/CHANGES&v=1.3296.2.197

Enjoy and please report back any errors and problems.

Matthew Dawkins
Unity Linux/Rpm5

Also if you are wondering how to extract the tarball from the src.rpm,
please try the following:
rpm2cpio rpm-5.x.x-0.DATE.src.rpm | cpio -dim
Received on Sat Apr 2 18:54:38 2011
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