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Re: RPM5 on FreeBSD: hto* functions

From: Miller, Vincent (Rick) <vmiller@verisign.com>
Date: Thu 14 Jul 2011 - 19:58:37 CEST
Message-ID: <CA44A40E.30CF%vmiller@verisign.com>
On 6/27/11 3:08 PM, "Jeff Johnson" <n3npq@mac.com> wrote:

>On Jun 27, 2011, at 2:39 PM, Miller, Vincent (Rick) wrote:
>[ snip ]
>Ah, k. Your easiest path by far is going to
>be to use Anders build of rpm-5.2.1 in FreeBSD
>ports. That SHOULD just drop-in without the
>issues you are reporting, and is likely all
>you need (and likely prefer) for unified management.

I had to drop this temporarily for other project deadlines.  Now that
those were taken care of, I began working on this again this week...

I have ended up with rpm and rpmbuild binaries installed from FreeBSD
ports, but not without a significant issue with a UUID bug.  Apparently,
there is a conflict with the ossp-uuid-1.6.2_1 package.  When ports
attempts to install libSM, it includes /usr/local/include/uuid.h as
opposed to /usr/include/uuid.h.  Since it appeared to be a simple linking
problem, I took the knucklehead way around it and simply renamed
/usr/local/include/uuid.h so that ports would use /usr/include/uuid.h

It did allow me to progress further, but I later got a "similar" error
with regards to uuid.h on a later dependancy.  I then mv'd the file back
and continued.  At the end of the day, it reports that RPM is installed.

>The harder issue with "management" will be to teach
>rpm about what F*BSD provides in ports and natively.
>Your "unified approach to managing software" likely
>has reasonably sane exclusions for "native" software.
>There are 2 approaches to teaching rpm about what rpm "provides".
>1) build a stub pkg automatically that "provides" all
>the usual libraries in an empty (i.e. no files) package.
>2) add provides as needed to /etc/rpm/sysinfo/Providename.
>E.g. you are almost certainly going to have to do
>	mkdir -p /etc/rpm/sysinfo
>	echo "/bin/sh" >> /etc/rpm/sysinfo/Providename
>in order to install any package that includes a shell script let.
>The approach in 1) is a little bit (but only a little bit) harder
>to get into place than the drudgery of stubbing out every provides
>See scripts/vpkg_provides.sh for the script that automates
>generation of the the empty package that provides all the
>usual "native" FreeBSD libraries. The script will generate
>a *.spec file that needs
>	Name:
>	Version:
>	Release:
>added in order to be built and installed. You need to choose
>what you want to call the package.

The vpkg_provides.sh provided with 5.2.1 claims to not support FreeBSD.  I
grabbed the one from 5.3.11 and it claimed the same.  Does the
vpkg_provides.sh script in any of the most recent releases support FreeBSD?
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