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Detection of "bad" packages

From: Michael Baudisch <mi.hb.baudisch@arcor.de>
Date: Mon 01 Aug 2011 - 10:42:26 CEST
Message-ID: <1299544618.74872.1312188146345.JavaMail.ngmail@webmail14.arcor-online.net>
i do some tests with RPM and somehow "bad" packages. When I pass a "bad" test package to RPM I observered that there's an error like "error: open of blablabla failed".  The package is a plain text file  with .rpm extension containing only "blablabla".
But when I put this "blablabla" in squared brackets ("[Blablabla]") there's no error.
So, what is the magic that does RPM not detect/report a corrupt package? Are there other circumstances under which RPM does not detect/report a "bad" package? Thanks for help in advance.

Best regards,
Received on Mon Aug 1 10:42:27 2011
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