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Re: rpmio not compiling

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Tue 09 Aug 2011 - 01:03:02 CEST
Message-id: <6526CB4C-9F18-4510-9C50-7AE9544AFB41@mac.com>

On Aug 9, 2011, at 12:54 AM, Belal Salem wrote:

> Thanks for the detailed explanation.
> So, here after I satisfied all the prerequisites, when compiling the RPM source, I encounter the following compilation errors:
> In file included from dbconfig.c:14:
> ./rpmdb.h:433: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'DB_SEQUENCE'
> ./rpmdb.h:490: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'DB_LOGC'
> ./rpmdb.h: In function 'dbiCopen':
> ./rpmdb.h:589: error: 'struct _dbiIndex' has no member named 'dbi_vec'
> ./rpmdb.h: In function 'dbiCclose':
> .....
> .....
> what do you think that is?!

This is the same problem that is being reported multiple times.

In order to do a release -- using --with-db=external as everyone wishes --
rpm has
	#include <db51/db.h>
hardwired in the code.

What everyone wishes is that rpm Just Works with whatever Berkeley DB
happens to be installed *for all possible distros and versions*.

The simplest fix is to build/install db-5.1.25 externally. The "portable"
(in the sense you will have to edit to taste, the basic build is fine)
that I used is available here

	cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@rpm5.org:/v/rpm/cvs get distro/db51

Add the "official" release of db-5.1.25 from Oracle, and the ancient db.1.85 tar ball,
and build/install the db51 packages.

73 de Jeff
Received on Tue Aug 9 01:03:51 2011
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