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How would one extract the trigger scripts from a spec file.

From: James Olin Oden <james.oden@gmail.com>
Date: Wed 12 Oct 2011 - 22:36:24 CEST
Message-ID: <CAPWHxfJ2Dsyk7_2Duc5MjVfusdP7V7nKbf41HRgrjQiWMHGdGA@mail.gmail.com>
I figured out that there are a bunch of tags with TRIGGER at the
begining of the name that form some set of parallel arrays of
information on all the triggers:


In my case I just want to run the scripts through bash -c and validate
that there syntax is good, and show the information on the script.
However I can't seem to locate the scripts, and I figure the "name"
would be a concatenation of the trigger name an d the type, but I'm
not sure how to interpret the type.   I can dig into the source and
figure this out, but before that can anyone point me to a quick
explanation of the tags involving triggers or could they explain them?

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