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Re: RPM v5.4 - config.status: Missing 'Makefile.in'

From: Maurice Bouchard <mbouchard58@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue 29 Nov 2011 - 16:22:32 CET
Message-ID: <1322580152.1620.YahooMailNeo@web160714.mail.bf1.yahoo.com>
ugh!  Sorry about all the exposed HTML.  Not sure why it happened, but I am switching to plain text.

Looking a little more closely at the output from autogen.sh, it look like the Lua library is missing (and required, apparently).  autogen.sh may not be finishing and therefore not creating the Makefile.in

From: Maurice Bouchard <mbouchard58@yahoo.com>
To: "rpm-users@rpm5.org" <rpm-users@rpm5.org> 
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 2:41 PM
Subject: RPM v5.4 - config.status: Missing 'Makefile.in' 

I am trying to build rpm v5.4 for Mac OS X 10.6.8 but am stalling at config.status.  The last three messages in config.log are:
config.status:1751: creating po/Makefile.in
config.status:1751: creating Doxyfile
config.status:1737: error: cannot find input file: Makefile.in'

and, in fact, there is no Makefile.in in the rpm source directory (where I checked out the code) but there is a Makefile.am. I built "configure" with autogen.sh and used all the correct GNU tools (autoconf, automake, libtoolize, and gettextize). Autogen.sh runs without errors as far as I can tell. I run configure as follows:
sudo ./configure CC="gcc -arch i386" CXX="g++ -arch i386" &nbsp; (I need the CC and CXX flags otherwise configure coughs up on libbeecrypt)
It goes through all the checking just fine and starts to create some output. It successfully creates po/Makefile.in and Doxyfile but then gives the error message above.

Has anyone seen this? Any advice will be most appreciated.

Maury Bouchard
Simmons College

Received on Tue Nov 29 16:25:51 2011
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