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Re: rpm-5.0.0 and ftp / http support

From: Rolf Pedersen <rolfpedersen@mindspring.com>
Date: Sat 10 Dec 2011 - 16:22:26 CET
Message-ID: <4EE37932.1050100@mindspring.com>
On 12/09/2011 07:16 PM, Jeffrey Johnson wrote:
>> >  Ok, got -qip back.  I'm amazed there's no one else using this functionality, apparently.  Thanks for your help.
> Well if you think a bit, it shows how addicted most linux users are
> to vendors because of packaging tools.
> Its called
> 	customer lock-in
I might identify with "lazy" and "ignorant", along with "addicted" ;)

It has taken some time to learn the, to most of us, arcane features and 
switches of rpm and other FOSS binaries, since early 2000 at my slow 
pace.  Repeating process with other package managers does not appeal to 
this short-timer.  As the FHS gold standard for package management for 
this period, afaict, rpm has impressed me as safe and capable, more so 
with Mandrake's urpm* augmentations.  Thanks for your work on this.
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