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Re: question about Mac OS X support

From: Jeffrey Johnson <n3npq@me.com>
Date: Wed 21 Dec 2011 - 23:10:39 CET
Message-id: <70F53F94-10AF-45A4-96D8-330A033E4584@me.com>

On Dec 21, 2011, at 3:02 PM, John Ford wrote:

> Hi!
> I am working on setting up some tooling for our Mac OS X build farm.  We are using RHEL and Fedora in many parts of our installation and as a result there is lots of knowledge around rpm and yum.  Our current deployment strategy is to create Mac package (.pkg/.mpkg) files that are put into a disk image (.dmg) file.  We have a puppet resource type that understands how to mount the disk image and install the package file.  This works, but makes software removal difficult and is effectively a heavyweight tarball.
> I am evaluating different technologies to better deploy our software to our slaves.  I have been browsing your site, but I have a couple questions.  If there are published answers, please feel free to point me towards me.
> 1) Is Mac OS X supported? Does it work?  Does it require spec file magic?

Yes. Yes. Depends:
    if you expect to compile Fedora pkgs and run on OS X, Yes changes are needed.

> 2) Does rpm5.org code play well with yum? Do I need a specific or special version of yum?

The @rpm.org code plays better with yum then yum plays with @rpm5.org:

   I use yum daily with @rpm5.org code. Yum developers have stated that they
will never support @rpm5,org code repeatedly.

Yum doesn't promise compatibility, so each distro release has a different version.

The version I use changes a single line: so Yes you will need to modify yum, and
will need a "special version" of yum.

> 3) The production/stable/development versions links on the front page don't point to the latest version in the directory for each branch.  What is the actual development version?

Yes: Releases are not announced (by me) nor is the web site updated.
The next version will be rpm-5.4.5, following this release
> 4) for versions > 5.3.5 and <= 5.3.11, source is distributed as src.rpm.  Is there suggested method of building it for Darwin?  I could use rpm2cpio + cpio to extract the tarball, but I wonder if there is something better.

There's a rpm2cpio.sh script that will extract the needed tar ball(s) from the *.src.rpm.
You can also extract on any system that already has rpm2cpio.

> 5) Is rpm5 still under active development?  The last code drop I see is from June, but previously there were code drops approximately monthly.

Yes, No: rpm-5,4,4 was released November 6th,

Yes monthly releases are mostly still in place (when
I'm not snoring through contract administrivia).


73 de Jeff
> Thanks for your help!
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