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MD5 digest: BAD

From: PuttaReddy Challa <cpreddy@gmail.com>
Date: Mon 13 Feb 2012 - 20:23:50 CET
Message-ID: <CADurXUaHCrwUW-yE6ssXXXVNKW9V7vG2yzfvBcs9ZeysD3QHKw@mail.gmail.com>

I am trying to install an RPM on RH AS 3 (32bit) machine, the RPM was
created on 64bit RH AS 4 machine and getting the following error.

MD5 digest: BAD Expected(64280bc31a50e2f9364080bae1113538) !=

same RPM install used to work previously when the build machine was RH
AS3  (32bit)
and the RPM size was 3.6 GB. RPM install worked on all RH AS 3 and RH AS 4
& RH AS 5 servers. Now the RPM size has gone upto 4.2GB and started having
failures with "MD5 digest: BAD error".

switched the build machine to RH AS 4 X64 bit and the RPM install was OK on
all machines except RH AS 3 (32bit).

I would really appreciate if anyone can give some pointers on why it fails
with MD5 digest error on RH AS 3 (32bit) and any workarounds available.



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