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Re: rpm on OSX Lion

From: Henri Gomez <henri.gomez@gmail.com>
Date: Sat 24 Mar 2012 - 14:12:00 CET
Message-ID: <CALyUpY2QNKBLX++8a4iwQ2-Z4Atgt=FcGW18W2sSNPb1QVs7YQ@mail.gmail.com>

I now well Jenkins but not Waterfall, seems interesting.

> I build the latest rpm-5_4 from CVS on Lion Server using a buildbot here:
>        http://harwich.jbj.org:8010/waterfall
> Both Lion Server (and Leopard) are there in the waterfalls.
> (aside)
> Both are broken atm just because I haven't bothered fixing "bleeding edge" functionality
> on Mac OS X quite yet.
> Note that "bleeding edge" is currently attempting to use an embedded
> perl interpreter to load a perl-URPM CPAN module that isn't installed.
> i.e. no one but me needs/uses this RPM functionality yet.
> But there are older successful logs which show the build options in
> use and the results of buildbot testing on both Lion and Leopard
> (and if you want Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion, I can likely
> attempt that too).
> The majority of the packages in use are bog standard installs from
> MacPorts port(1). There's a few packages (like db-5.3.15) that aren't in MacPorts
> yet that I build manually.
> The really hard part of building RPM is figuring out the build options.
> Its not as simple as just doing
>        ./configure --prefix=/opt/local
>        make
>        make install
> But feel free to make suggestions on what you want to see. I'd love
> to see RPM in use on Mac OS X.

My goal was to bring RPM natively to OSX and see if it would be
possible to set a RPM distribution like one available from MacPorts or
Brew but without requiring to build it.

I tried to build various versions of rpm but they required beecrypt and popt.
My Lion machine is using 64bits kernel and I can't succeed build
beecrypt in universal mode (32/64 bits) ;(

So I'd like to avoid requiring MacPorts but it seems we need many
bootstrap libraries like popt/beecrypt (and in Universal Format).
Received on Sat Mar 24 14:12:05 2012
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