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Re: rpm on OSX Lion

From: Henri Gomez <henri.gomez@gmail.com>
Date: Sun 25 Mar 2012 - 08:59:50 CEST
Message-ID: <CALyUpY2PjBx_J=rLM=nzuCeFhgFugCO5F6TXw6TBEv9k8nYx-g@mail.gmail.com>
> Jenkins is spiffy, buildbot -- particularly with older python-2.4 --
> is a bit of wrestling match.
> I set up both on the same machine. Jenkins/Hudson needed
> 500 Mb and filled /var/log within a week with useless messages.

Yep, Jenkins could be very verbose, but well, it fit well Continuous
Integration need (more than just a build engine).
And I'm pretty experienced with it :)

> Buildbot is lighter weight and sooner or later one figures
> out the double half nelson hammerlock to pin buildbot in
> the wrestling match of CI.

> You want a full distro on Mac OS X based on RPM? Count me in 

I'd like to. May be it's covered by OpenPKG project ?
BTW, we are many tired to see MacPorts or Brew requiring to download
all internet and build it locally.
There is a strong interest for RPMs on OSX.

>> I tried to build various versions of rpm but they required beecrypt and popt.
> Yes: neither bee crypt nor popt is optional. Both are distributed with
> RPM "batteries included".

What do you means by RPM batteries included ?
beecrypt and popt are reported mandatory in 5.x release (from what I
see in configure).

>> My Lion machine is using 64bits kernel and I can't succeed build
>> beecrypt in universal mode (32/64 bits) ;(
> Beecrypt ends up in -lrpmmisc if building
>    --with-beecrypt=internal

beecrypt internal means it will be build statically in rpm ?
So beecrypt lib sources should be included somewhere I guess

>> So I'd like to avoid requiring MacPorts but it seems we need many
>> bootstrap libraries like popt/beecrypt (and in Universal Format).
> Only if you choose to build against external libraries. E.g. Berkeley DB
> can be built and distributed with RPM as well. In fact that is what I
> would do if the decision was mine: writing AutoFu tests for all possible
> versions of Berkeley DB is much harder than just bundling Berkeley DB
> within RPM (as was done for years).

+1 for embebed Berkeley DB inside RPM, there is just too many versions
on BDB around and it could be a nightmare.

> What is involved with "Universal Format" for you?

OSX could build it binaries including many formats, aka x86 32bits and
x86 64bits.
Take a look here, I detail build process for mod_jk in dual model mode :

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