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Re: rpm on OSX Lion

From: Jeffrey Johnson <n3npq@me.com>
Date: Sun 25 Mar 2012 - 23:30:06 CEST
Message-id: <03DD425D-B616-4AA8-A623-8786EB157E46@me.com>

On Mar 25, 2012, at 4:39 PM, Henri Gomez wrote:

> You're amazing guys !


> Well, I feel I have works-fun next week.
> I'll avoid /opt of course, first step will be to install rpm under
> /usr/bin for a test drive and test some of my own rpms.
> If it works great, next step may be a relocation under /opt/rpm4osx or
> something like this, ie using a specific bin/lib paths for packages
> (like MacPorts/Brew does).
> I now some guys who'll be happy to get a rpm based way to get packages
> installed via yum for example.

YUM isn't too high on our todo list here @rpm5.org, if -- for no other reason --
	All patches originating from @rpm5.org WILL be categorically rejected.
Kinda hard to work with a project that refuses all patches a priori.

Hint: think about smart (or dare I say it?) urpmi.

Meanwhile YUM works fine with @rpm5.org last I checked (once
you goose a few bits in the YUM code with a wedgie  …)

73 de Jeff
Received on Sun Mar 25 23:30:11 2012
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