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Re: rpm on OSX Lion

From: Henri Gomez <henri.gomez@gmail.com>
Date: Mon 26 Mar 2012 - 17:48:36 CEST
Message-ID: <CALyUpY369E-8SoTBu_hUDi86MErTQvxhLqWziLCC-PdUPfBViw@mail.gmail.com>
> But see the options use when db-5.3.15 is built. This
> is what I use to build Berkely DB on Mac OS X (after
> creating a build_macosx directory to build in)
> ===================
> #!/bin/sh
> prefix=/opt/local
> configure_cmd="../dist/configure"
> configure_args="
>        --prefix=${prefix}
>        --enable-cxx
>        --enable-java
>        --enable-sql
>        --includedir=${prefix}/include/db53
>        --libdir=${prefix}/lib/db53
>        --program-transform-name=s,^db,db53,
>        --enable-tcl
>        --with-tcl=${prefix}/lib
> "
> $configure_cmd $configure_args
> ===================

Ok, I'll compare.

> BeeCrypt was heavily used in Java long ago: dunno if still useful.
> RPM doesn't need/use.

So no need for me to support Java for bee crypt :)

>> Any suggested macros for OSX ?
> OSX has a "fat" architecture that is essentially the same as "noarch".
> EVeryone invents new names and the diversity just confuses.

True ;(

> The default macros SHOULD be gud enuf on Mac OS X.


> Anders Bjorkland's Mac OS X distro based on RPM is still likely
> the best around.

This one (http://www.algonet.se/~afb/rpm/) ?

> Not sure what you ask here: you want a rpm-mac mailing list?

Nope, I just want to see if there is other guys interested with RPM on OSX.
Frankly, I'm borred to rebuild Brew/MacPorts stuff and I'm not alone.
I just want to be able to set a package repository and use yum or
zypper to get stuff downloaded and installed.

> Or are you referring to Anders (who knows way more about RPM
> on Mac OS X than anyone else, with many other skills ;-)

If there is a RPM DMG available right now for Snow and Lion, with a
stable RPM, I'll be happy to use it.
Then we could works on building a community for RPMs production :)

> Anders is part of the @rpm5.org project: maintains the MacPorts
> and FreeBSD ports, "smart" guy too ;-)

It seems to be the 'OSX/RPM guru' so willing to heard more from him :)
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