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Specify a destination in %files

From: Joachim Langenbach <joachim@falaba.de>
Date: Sat 22 Dec 2012 - 14:27:54 CET
Message-ID: <7b70e7d61896a90b2c88418ac24f6488@mail.engsas.de>

I'm trying to create a RPM, which produces three packages for a library. The first is the library without kde bindings, the second is the library with kde bindings and the third is the development package. I'm using the following file structure for installing:

1. library without kde installs into RPM_BUILD_ROOT (includes the header and other developing files)
2. library with kde installs into RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kde4

I choose this sepparation, because both libraries are building the libengsas.so file, with identical API, but different internal bindings. So applications, using libengsas, can link against one version of it and it is independent from the one, which the user has installed on the system.

But I have not found a way to tell RPM in the "%files kde" that the directory /kde4/usr/lib must be installed at /usr/lib on the users machine, when installing the package.

Is there a way, I can solve this problem?

I'm appreciated for any help.

Kind regards,

Joachim Langenbach
Received on Sat Dec 22 14:37:14 2012
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