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Re: Specify a destination in %files

From: Henri Gomez <henri.gomez@gmail.com>
Date: Wed 26 Dec 2012 - 16:10:28 CET
Message-ID: <CALyUpY2q6YUssZQ=VBUWyt2Kpgpuvq4+bNOFjVAWHW6hKo0HHQ@mail.gmail.com>
installing lib from /kde4/usr/lib could broke stuff in /usr/lib ?

2012/12/22 Joachim Langenbach <joachim@falaba.de>

> Hello,
> I'm trying to create a RPM, which produces three packages for a library.
> The first is the library without kde bindings, the second is the library
> with kde bindings and the third is the development package. I'm using the
> following file structure for installing:
> 1. library without kde installs into RPM_BUILD_ROOT (includes the header
> and other developing files)
> 2. library with kde installs into RPM_BUILD_ROOT/kde4
> I choose this sepparation, because both libraries are building the
> libengsas.so file, with identical API, but different internal bindings. So
> applications, using libengsas, can link against one version of it and it is
> independent from the one, which the user has installed on the system.
> But I have not found a way to tell RPM in the "%files kde" that the
> directory /kde4/usr/lib must be installed at /usr/lib on the users machine,
> when installing the package.
> Is there a way, I can solve this problem?
> I'm appreciated for any help.
> Kind regards,
> Joachim Langenbach
Received on Wed Dec 26 16:17:29 2012
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