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Re: Specify a destination in %files

From: Joachim Langenbach <joachim@falaba.de>
Date: Sun 30 Dec 2012 - 19:11:16 CET
Message-ID: <1930026.sSBQ15NLTA@laptopjo>

On Wednesday 26 December 2012 19:35:31 Jeffrey Johnson wrote:
>On Dec 22, 2012, at 8:27 AM, Joachim Langenbach <joachim@falaba.de> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm trying to create a RPM, which produces three packages for a library.
>> The first is the library without kde bindings, the second is the library
>> with kde bindings and the third is the development package. I'm using the
>> following file structure for installing:
>> 1. library without kde installs into RPM_BUILD_ROOT (includes the header
>> and other developing files) 2. library with kde installs into
>> I choose this sepparation, because both libraries are building the
>> libengsas.so file, with identical API, but different internal bindings. So
>> applications, using libengsas, can link against one version of it and it
>> is independent from the one, which the user has installed on the system.
>> But I have not found a way to tell RPM in the "%files kde" that the
>> directory /kde4/usr/lib must be installed at /usr/lib on the users
>> machine, when installing the package.
>> Is there a way, I can solve this problem?
>The usual way to handle different content on (presumably) identical
>path on the file system is to use alternatives outside of rpm.
>Using alternatives invokes a helper in %post that creates whatever
>symlink on the shared/conflicting path to a private store.

I've used this solution for my executable and the ld-config file solution for my 

>There's another approach since you are packaging libraries with
>different content but similar symbols. Put each library into a different
>directory, and then configure ld.so with search paths, or (somewhat
>more elegant) build with rpath to find the library that was linked
>into an application.
>One can also use --relocate /usr/lib=/usr/lib/kde to change the
>file paths when installing (but you will need to re-add --relocate
>every time you upgrade, the values are not persistently stored).
>You can use pkgconfig to encapsulate flags needed to find the various
>library path arguments.
>I'm not sure any of the above has much to do with RPM itself. Its impossible
>to have different content on a common path, well duh!
>73 de Jeff

The RPM is building now. Many thanks!


Joachim Langenbach

Received on Sun Dec 30 19:11:38 2012
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