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Re: cpiobin macro

From: Jeffrey Johnson <n3npq@me.com>
Date: Tue 05 Mar 2013 - 14:16:19 CET
Message-id: <3D0B0337-4E9F-48AE-A2D3-E2E6CF11DD91@me.com>

On Mar 5, 2013, at 12:01 AM, ark ph wrote:

> Is this what defines the format of the archive that rpm will use? Can I set
> the path with option to cpio, e.g. from
>  http://www.gnu.org/software/cpio/manual/cpio.html if I use cpio --format=tar
>  the maximum size of archive can be 8589934591 bytes? For creating a very large
>  rpm, cpio limits the size of the archive, would this solve the issue?

Actually its these two macros that set the payload format:

	#       Archive formats to use for source/binary package payloads.
	#               "cpio"          cpio archive (default)
	#               "ustar"         tar archive
	#%_source_payload_format        cpio
	#%_binary_payload_format        cpio

I'm not at all sure what the "cpiobin" macro is or does: its not in @rpm5.org sources.

Meanwhile its unlikely that you could/would be able to "fix" a cpio file/payload limit problem by
changing a macro or the payload format in any version of rpm.

> [I m building a large package, size is large primarily due to large numpy array
>  object, and get cpio:bad magic error; as of now cannot
>  deploy it as service hence package it with rpm; any suggestions on best
> approach?]

The best approach is to rethink how you wish to distribute large archives: there
are many performance issues downloading/uncompressing a single _HUGE_
archive; you are often better off by spitting into smaller packages, particularly
if some of the content changes less often the rest (and one would only have
to distribute the delta change rather than *everything*).

73 de Jeff
Received on Tue Mar 5 15:16:34 2013
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