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rpm spec: clearing Prefix: to create a non-relocatable subpackage (of a relocatable package)?

From: Andreas Luik <andreas.luik@innovative-navigation.de>
Date: Mon 07 Oct 2013 - 14:02:57 CEST
Message-Id: <zarafa.5252a2f1.2056.19e2d15557a802de@zarafa.innovative-navigation.de>

  I'm trying to create a non-relocatable subpackage from a spec file, where the

main package is relocatable, i.e. has a Prefix: tag.  It is possible to use Prefix:

for subpackages, e.g. to use a different value as for the main package, but I

have not been able to "clear" the main package's prefix setting.  Using the following

spec file:

Name: xxx

Version: 1.0


Prefix: /usr/local



%package sub

Summary: subpackage


%description sub

subpackage test


(Prefix: without a value) generates the error message

error: line xx: Empty tag: Prefix:
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Kind regards,
i. A. Andreas Luik
in - innovative navigation GmbH
phone: +49 7154 807171
fax: +49 7154 807154
email: Andreas.Luik@innovative-navigation.de <mailto:Andreas.Luik@innovative-navigation.de> 

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Dr. Thomas Gern, Dr. Martin Sandler, Dr. Reinhard Zimmermann, Uwe Vögele
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