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rpm did not remove previous version

From: Matt Hall <mhall@tivo.com>
Date: Thu 10 Sep 2015 - 23:35:18 CEST
Message-ID: <D21745A5.5793%mhall@tivo.com>

We had a bit of a mis-naming snafu that we’re trying to sort out how to fix.

First rpm was

Name: rpmone
Version: 1.1.branchname-352
Release: 1

We later fixed the versioning, because it caused issues / was not upgrading when a new version was installed.

Second rpm was

Name: rpmone
Version: 1.2.branchname
Release: 381

The second one increments the Release field at build time. The first one was incrememting the Version field.

When we install the second one, it installs, but does not remove the first one.
So now we’re left with systems that have two rpms of the same name, but different version/releases.

Is there anything we can do in the creation/install of the 1.2 rpm to clear out or remove any 1.1? We tried Obsoletes,
but that seems to be mainly for rpm name changes, not this version/release issue we have.

These were built/installed on CentOS 5.8, with rpm version

Any pointers or docs to look at would be helpful or google keywords to search on,



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