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rpm 5.1.9 issues on powerPC architecture

From: Rajul Bhavsar <rajulbhavsar@gmail.com>
Date: Mon 11 Apr 2016 - 19:25:42 CEST
Message-ID: <CAHNGuEM9+aCrpSoWE-JY2h5=apiqd=iddr9Osirang8UQFgHQA@mail.gmail.com>

We are trying to use rpm 5.1.9 on powerPC architecture. But, we see that
there are issues with basic querying:

$ rpm -qai
rpm: -qai: unknown option

When we try to query custom metadata (implemented using arbitrary tags)
then also it is failing (giving output as *(none)*). We have proper macro
file in /usr/lib/rpm-5.1.9/macros and rpm is referring to it.

$ rpm --showrc | grep macros
macrofiles            :

We see that on x86_64 these things work fine. We do not see anything
specific to architecture in the build of rpm, but only difference is that -
host's arch is x86_64.

Can anybody tell what is peculiar about rpm on powerPC arch?

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