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Hello again from rpm novice ?

From: David <dlocklear01@gmail.com>
Date: Thu 21 Dec 2017 - 04:55:51 CET
Message-ID: <CAEcwSwOY79ZpaS5y=MUM9BAuA66Jg9a7Vt6G5K9_WevpiJwBAw@mail.gmail.com>
I just got approved by petidomo, so I don't know yet if anybody is out
I have to assume there is.

Shouldn't this group be called rpm5-users@rpm5.org ?

Anyways.     I imagine you folks don't get many novices inquiring about
things ?

I was active on the Mageia forum for a few weeks asking novice questions
unaware there were different types of rpm packaging platforms.

I like Linux, but enjoy distro-hopping.

I would like to someday make my own distro, because the Linux community,
hundreds more distros.     Right ??

I already have a name for my someday distro.     Top secret though.   I do
not even
know how to package anything or use python or perl.

I mostly just play FreeCell using Aisleriot.

ROSA is a underated distro, but there is no way anyone will be able to
convince a
computer user in the USA to use a Russian operating system.     It is just
a form of
distro-racism.      So my goal someday is to make a distro like ROSA and
just change
the wallpaper, and give it another name, and tell users if they really like
it to install,
ROSA, or OpenMandriva, etc.

I think my version of rpm5 updated today to 5.4.10-77rosa, ( not 5.4.1, as
I earlier indicated )

David Locklear
Arcola, Texas U.S.A.
Received on Thu Dec 21 05:04:23 2017
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