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Re: Hello from a novice rpm5 user

From: Ben Bullard <benbullard79@cox.net>
Date: Thu 21 Dec 2017 - 21:21:30 CET
Message-ID: <fede759f-d65e-9ec0-8626-9350750d552a@cox.net>
Hi David,

Welcome to OpenMandriva when you get to us.

*The following is opinion and not the official position of OpenMandriva 
Association or RPM**5 **or any associated or subsidiary organizations or 
any one speaking in an official capacity for OpenMandriva Association or 
RPM5 or any associated or subsidiary organizations:*

/*Please cover any *//*children's*//*eyes and ears.*/

Most users would not know if they were using rpm.org (rpm4) or rpm5. For 
developers though things are different but I'm a user type not a developer.

DNF is a replacement for yum package manager and soon to be a 
replacement for urpmi in Mageia and we hope also in OpenMandriva when we 
release OM Lx 4. The same person is doing most of the transition work 
for DNF in Mageia and OpenMandriva. However things will be written so 
that users can continue to use the same urpmi commands we have become 
familiar with over the years. I believe the same was done with the 
transistion in Fedora between yum > DNF.

It seems you do know that Mageia, ROSA, and OpenMandriva are all 
different but share some similarities. One popular misconception widely 
quoted is that OpenMandriva is based on ROSA. That is not true though 
there is some shared code. If you wish to know more please read/ask on 
OpenMandriva forum: https://forum.openmandriva.org/

At OpenMandriva we are a small group and we need contributors in 
whatever capacity someone might wish to contribute if you are interested.

Have fun.

Ben Bullard
OpenMandriva-QA Team

On 12/20/2017 09:28 PM, David wrote:
> Dear rpm5 fans, and users,
> I am barely an intermediate Linux desktop user.
> I have been using ROSA LXQt R9 for about 10 months doing novice stuff,
> ( only about 2 hours per day )
> Tonight, 12-20-17,  my rpm updater updated rpm5 to a later version, 
> which I can only assume
> is the latest stable version ( 5.4.1, I think ).    I assume that 
> someone at rpm5 is responsible, and want
> to share my appreciation.
> I probably have about 600 man-hours of usage on ROSA doing novice 
> household
> task - surfing the web, playing FreeCell and Mahjongg, sending and 
> receiving Gmail,
> reading the news on various web-pages, typing letters, opening PDF 
> files, via wi-fi
> and on a rare occasion with ethernet.
> Prior to using ROSA, I spent 4 months on Mageia 6 ( while it was in 
> development ),
> but they use that other rpm platform.
> I had distro-hopped prior to all of that on about 10 popular distros, 
> and even TrueOS
> ( FreeBSD ), and all in all have about 1,200 man-hours of experience using
> household software on Linux, much of which is watching YouTube videos 
> about Linux
> distros.
> I plan to install OpenMandriva as my only operating system and spend a 
> few weeks or
> months or years in that.
> It is definitely not clear to any user why they should choose an rpm5 
> based distro or which
> one to choose if they want rpm5.     I want to
> learn all about it.     I have read documentation on the web, but it 
> is so way out-dated,
> or even at best a year old.
> The rpm4 folks claim that DNF 2.0 is the best thing since 
> sliced-bread.      What is up with
> that ??    I have not yet used DNF.    I have barely used urpmi a few 
> times.
> Thank you for your time.
> David Locklear
> Arcola, Texas U.S.A.
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