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Re: hard-linked files handling by rpm

From: Jeffrey Johnson <n3npq@me.com>
Date: Tue 21 Jan 2014 - 17:53:04 CET
Message-id: <CBB7DBD2-6640-4DF7-BF4C-B3B4F083262C@me.com>

On Jan 21, 2014, at 3:03 AM, Rajul Bhavsar <rajulbhavsar@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> In my build root directory, I have created a file (say temp.txt) and then I created a hard-link to it (say temp1.txt). After this, I created rpm out of build root directory. On installing this rpm I see that i-node numbers of both files are same; that means rpm is aware of this hard-link and creating the same on rpm installation. 
> But, I am not able to understand how rpm has treated this hard-link with a .rpm file.
> For example, I have a file with 5k size. On duplicating it, rpm size increased by ~2.5k but with hard-link it increased by 1.9k. What is this 1.9k? Is this totally a metadata about hard-link or something else?
> Please help me in understanding this hard-link handling.

The size change is likely in the cpio payload in a *.rpm package because
rpm doesn’t track hard links directly, uses the inode info to infer hard links.

You can see all metadata with
	rpm -qp —yaml  somepackage.rpm
There is also —xml if you prefer the eye-scratchy angle bracket syntax.


73 de Jeff
> Thanks,
> Rajul 
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